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Thought of the day:

What is life and who is at its helm? Are we ourselves those naughty creators of the moment? Or is the Commander of the Flight among the bold ramparts of life an Architect who dwells outside of space and time, a supreme being whom we generically call God? A person much more complex and sophisticated than we imagine through the simplistic way of thinking that patronizes postmodern society.

God is therefore a distinct and eternal nature that man can no longer fully understand because of his moral and ethical involution, generated by the indulgence in sin.

In fact, carefully and diligently analyzed, all these questions become the foundation of life and the answer to which depends largely not only the relationship with the Creator of the world, but especially how each of us will complete the journey on this earth.

I know, in the ears of people driven by simplistic thinking and intoxicated by the secular mirage of a long-drifting world, all these ideas sound archaic, absurd and perhaps meaningless. However, looking carefully at all the details about the world and the life that the Bible records, we notice an impeccable architecture of the meaning of life, compared to the ideological “fumigants” that secularism keeps throwing at us; Meaningless ideas, without depth and which succeed each other with an extraordinary rapidity only to hide and subtly mask their lack of consistency.

But we, knowing exactly what is beyond this life, will motivate ourselves to recalibrate both our cadence, and especially our attitude and purpose!

In fact: ‘No soldier is confused with the affairs of life, if he wants to please the one who enlisted him in the army.’ It is the metaphor by which the Apostle Paul describes the mentality of the conquerors — 2 Timothy 2: 4

In the mind of these thoughts, I urge you all to make this day a fragrant sacrifice for our Creator, knowing that only true fighters, tried in the merciless fire of battle, will be decorated with the laurels of victory!

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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