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Thought of the day:

From the beginning of his existence on earth, man has understood that one of the most effective mechanisms by which he can control, subordinate and lead his fellows is the establishment of a system of fear, authoritarian control and emotional manipulation; Mechanisms that we unfortunately find implemented and broken even in what is meant to be in the vision of some, the Church of God.

There, in the Sanctuary that should have been holy and dedicated exclusively to the Godhead, people somehow found the “perfect” mechanisms by which to keep their fellows under strict control; Using all sorts of tricks the feelings and emotions preached with verve, but which when looked at carefully and analytically do not make the slightest spiritual sense.

Although this statement seems surprising, looking carefully at both the world and the Institution of the Church we will understand the bankruptcy in which most of our people lead their lives; People who are under pressure have completely changed their view of the life of faith and have fallen into the trap of thanking and worshiping their fellow men to the detriment of the Creator of the world, who should in fact be the epicenter of our daily mentality and actions (and not just a Name spoken mechanically, to sound good).

But God’s word is clear and precise when it comes to how we relate to one another and then to divinity.

I quote: ‘It is better to seek refuge in the Lord than to trust in man’! – I have finished the quote from Psalm 118: 8

So if until today we have imagined the world depending only on us and others, we must now learn that the only one through whom life makes sense is the Lord Jesus Christ.
He, the God of God, incarnated not only to make us obedient slaves of fear, but in His goodness and elegance as an eternal Father, He became our brother, because He wanted us and wants us as His trusted partners (emissaries of Peace), together with which to administer His whole creation.

So choose God on your side today and you will feel the difference.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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