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By carefully analyzing the latest events and the news that is rapidly happening all over the world, we realize how close we are to the moment of the collapse of a system crushed by corruption and which has abandoned God for too long; Choosing instead to adopt all forms and manifestations of sin, or more concisely, the whole mentality of evil.

This attitude is not a new one, because the spirit of rebellion has entered us since the fall of the original Adam and has always been captured in our mentality.

‘Why are the heathen strong?’ The psalmist secretly wondered, “And why do the people think vain things? Psalm 2: 1

So we live in the hard times of apostasy and spiritual darkness, a confusing period of history in which we all march frantically in a barren indoctrination and in which justice is always done with the fist, and the laws have more and more often smelled of dust. Rifle’.

We feel overwhelmed and abused, fiercely looking for culprits for the deplorable state of humanity but without realizing that the perpetrators of the moral and spiritual decay we are in are ourselves.

By choosing to move away from the mentality and way of being and thinking of our Creator, a God who taught us from the beginning what unconditional love and kindness is and how it works, we have practically fallen prey to the character of the one we have. Left deceived; Satan, the angel who fell from the Glory of the Kingdom of Heaven and who earnestly desires to control the universe through the human being.

Following the example of cunning and violence fully manifested in this world, we came to be overwhelmed and soaked with all his hatred and venom, hitting each other with greater wickedness and skill than the exponent of evil himself would have ever hoped. When he gave us to drink his cup poisoned by sin.

However, no matter how dark and cold the spiritual night we have arrived may seem, there is still hope, and it is found only in Jesus Christ, our Lord, and in his pure mentality.[/md_text]

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