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Looking from the position of simple people to the rich and important personalities of this corrupt world, we may often find ourselves dreaming with open eyes about their good and imposing life. We imagine with specific shyness, how we would stay in their ranks, or what a day full of abundance and delight would look like.
But because the dream dissipates quickly as it always does, we find ourselves shaken by the cruel reality around us, trying hard to convince ourselves that fate is good only with some and no matter how we approach life we ​​have no Possibility to reach the rich and sufficient mass of the rich.

And yet, turning our attention to the teaching of the ancient Bible manuscript, that beautiful testament addressed to us sinners by the very Creator of heaven and earth, we learn that each of us has been left with a supreme right: namely, the right to To become God’s heirs through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Regardless of race, color and financial or intellectual ability.

In fact, it is written in capital letters in the Testament that God himself left to mankind: ‘To all who received Him, that is, to those who believe in His name, He gave the right to become children of God.’ 12

But by choosing to approach reality in this way, ‘strange’ to many, we expose ourselves to the criticism of those who are blinded by sin and refuse to believe in the existence of the Godhead, accusing us of actually ‘accessing’ the ‘fanaticism’ of our faith. Dreaming; This time wider and more evolved than that of the common people, intoxicating our minds with archaic and childish illusions.

But looking carefully at everything around us and deepening our thoughts in understanding the very origin of life, we notice without denying that in every particle of this Universe is found the imprint and the mysterious Law of the same Creator, a supreme Architect who founded and brought in Life itself exists; A God who loves his creation and wants to make every man His trusted partner in the rule of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Pastor: Florin Antonie[/md_text]

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