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Thought of the day

Thought of the day:

‘Tell me who you are friends with so I can tell you who you are’ postulates an old but full of old saying, bringing us under the magnifying glass of analysis each of us, social beings who are constantly seeking company and acceptance of their peers .

Thus, looking deeper into ourselves, we easily understand that we were created with the instinct to live integrated in larger or smaller groups and not in isolation; A good and beautiful aspect of the human personality, but which applied incorrectly can become devastating, turning into a weapon of spiritual or physical self-destruction and sometimes of mass social destruction.

Reading carefully and diligently the Bible, we notice among its ranks one of the most beautiful aspects of God’s character, namely that of being himself a social person, ready to present himself to others as a most loyal friend.

‘Make friends with God, and you will have peace, rejoicing in happiness again.’ It is one of the most profound counsels recorded in the pages of the Scriptures. Which then continues elegantly: ‘Receive the teaching from His mouth, and put His words into your heart.’ Job 22: 21-22

Thus, contrary to the general impression spread in the world, God is not just a solitary entity projected somewhere far into the universe; Where he fulfills exclusively the role of moral court or supervisor of the whole reality, (as many of us might be tempted to understand), but he is a person full of kindness and compassion for all his friends. In fact, God is now present with you and is waiting with the passion of an eternal Father to entrust you with his care.

Finding a place next to Him will never make you feel alone again because God will be ready at any moment to listen to you and talk to you, to laugh and cry with you or to be your shield and shield in any attempt to Of life.

Wherever you are, learn today to approach the strong; By the Creator and His armies, leaving aside the carefully watched entourage will quickly betray their petty intentions and by which makes you only a mere slave of sin.