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After his encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus, the Apostle Paul understood not only how a true believer should be perceived by the world in which he was given to develop, but especially that the center of gravity in the life of a Transformed man lies in the passion for goodness that must be transparent in every deed and every word. Thus, in everything he does, man should reflect like a beacon in the night the image of God’s beauty and goodness.

“Let all those who have believed in God seek to be first in good works. Here is what is good and useful for humanity! ” Left the apostle Paul in deep words (Titus 3: 8)

Subjected to careful analysis, the quoted text highlights an aspect that current Christianity has pushed with too much lightness towards the edge of its range of priorities.
Thus, the emphasis does not necessarily fall on the need to produce good deeds (an element that is mandatory and defining for a true believer), but rather on the ‘attitude’ and desire of man to always be the first to put into practice the deeds of goodness. Among his peers.

Therefore, as in a beautiful competition of holiness, each of us must do our best so that all our deeds are consistent in goodness and then directed in abundance to our fellow men.

Only by thinking and manifesting ourselves in this way can we be useful to humanity; And this is the only way we can make a difference in a world that sinks every day into the mire of sin and spiritual darkness.

Remember: ‘All who have believed in God, let them seek first the good works. This is what is good and useful for mankind! ‘

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie[/md_text]

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