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Thought of the day:

How much do I give to God from everything I have in this world? It is the natural question that should resonate in the mind of every true Christian.

During His earthly ministry, one day looking at the Temple, Jesus noticed some people throwing their gifts into the treasury. Looking intently at them, he noticed somewhere a poor widow, putting there the two pennies she still had in her possession, or rather, her entire fortune.

‘I tell you the truth, this poor widow gave more than all the others,’ said the Lord Jesus, ‘for all the others gave gifts of their abundance, but she gave of her poverty, she gave all she had to live. ‘

By carefully and diligently analyzing the mentality that the Savior displayed in that context, we understand the way God thinks and also what He appreciates when He looks at us to evaluate our experiences, namely the mentality of self-sacrifice and TOTAL GIVING.

The lesson described in this biblical passage and which we should all absorb in our thinking and practice is that of the primacy that belongs to God in all aspects of life, including those of generosity, for as the widow gave in the temple Everything he had to live, we should do the same, abandoning ourselves completely to the strong hand of the Creator.

Do you think that God did not take care of this poor woman? Especially after he made his commitment and even challenged us to put Him to the test, promising that if we give it will be given to us, even the loopholes of heaven will open so that we can receive back more than we can carry ?

Taking our analysis to a deeper level, another question arises, namely: do you think that the Godhead somehow needs to borrow something from us, ordinary mortals?

Not at all, but this whole lesson boils down to the Creator’s desire to teach us the ‘art of self-sacrifice’ as He Himself manifests.

Be blessed!

Pastor Florin Antonie

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