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Thought of the day:

“When I praise thee, I will rejoice with joy in my lips. In the soul which thou hast redeemed. ”

These are the words through which the Psalmist (71:23) reveals to us perhaps one of the most beautiful masterpieces of the divine mentality, a sample of thought that should be found in the portfolio of daily faith, of each of us.

Joy, sadness or indifference are states of mind that describe and bring to light everything that is beyond the visible and impersonal masks that we often choose to display in front of others; Driven by the uncontrollable desire to hide under the carefully chosen and pastel make-up, the real ‘new’.

Not infrequently it has been given to us to observe our fellow men or perhaps even ourselves, praising the Creator in a depressing and cold atmosphere; Like captive ‘believers’ in the sarabande of the cultural rituals of a mechanically and impersonal manifested spirituality, a spirituality that penetrates a state of false humility and inarticulate reverence.

What motivates these people to behave like this? We do not know or think that it is time to move now towards this analysis. What is certain is that what they do is not exactly in accordance with the ‘Scriptures.’

Why do I say that? Because by diligently turning our attention to the precepts of the Bible, we readily notice that the fundamental trait of a ‘saved’ believer is diametrically opposed to what is dictated by the generally accepted norm.

Therefore, this kind of Christian overflows with happiness, expressing it not only with his lips but with his whole being, because he understood what joy, freedom and divine character mean.

If, analyzing your way of being and thinking, you discover that you have left your soul trapped in the cold trap of impersonal rituals, choose today to change your perspective in accordance with the teachings of the Bible. Choose to do your best to find the joy of salvation, praising God with a sincere heart and full of happiness characteristic only of those who march to Heaven.

Where you are, choose to enjoy yourself. God is smiling at you.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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