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One of the great dangers that ‘believers’ face in their journey on the path of faith is to let their guard down, accepting in the name of ‘Grace’ and ‘Love’ all kinds of rituals and philosophies that have no meaning. Of Biblical or spiritual foundation.

How can we prevent these pitfalls of evil and how can we strengthen our faith in this spiritually cosmopolitan world? They seem to be the questions that seek answers today, and for which the Bible provides the right solution!

‘Gird up the loins of your mind,’ Peter, the Apostle on whom Christ supported his work, taught us; ‘Be awake putting all your hope in the grace that will be brought to you at the return of Jesus Christ.’ He concluded his counsel on how we can survive spiritually in a spiritually disintegrating world. (1 Peter 1:13)

But why is this so important? You might ask in secret.

Because by putting their conscience to sleep, and often letting themselves be carried away by the driving force of others, without investing their energy in a pertinent and critical analysis of the quality of the group, the direction, or why not the intention of those who Surrounds, therefore, the Christians of the new generation have exposed themselves to the risk of missing the target and even the purpose of their entire existence; A risk that has increased exponentially these days.

In fact, after experiencing in himself the failure of a life unfounded exclusively in God, Peter (the one who in his negligence went so far as to renounce Christ), understood his error, corrected it again and later and -built an entire strategy so that it no longer falls into the same trap, reminding us all of the importance of remaining on the ‘path of faith’ in a vigilant and cautious atmosphere.

Do not forget! Following the example of those who have succeeded in their path, we must motivate ourselves to remain strong in the true faith, adopting an attitude and a vigilant mind to keep only what is good, while firmly rejecting all that is bad.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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  1. […] Thought of the day:To ‘shield’ or ‘guard’ something involves the activation of cognitive mechanisms and the involvement of a voluntary effort, which man generally uses only when he knows that he has something of value or something coveted by his opponent.A simple analysis of our own lives will highlight the fact that we never invest our resources and energy to guard something that does not attract us. Also, we will never be vigilant around an aspect considered worthless because by the nature of our mind we approach life experiences through the prism of the interests we have in its various fields.Looking at everyday reality through this niche of understanding, we remember that we, born-again Christians, are commanded to keep sacred the precious treasure revealed to mankind at Golgotha, namely ‘Our Salvation’, and this cannot be done only on a declarative level. Understanding its importance and constantly investing our energy in being diligent and vigilant in order to keep in possession this price status.“Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” The Apostle Peter reminded us of the great danger that always lurks when, by relaxing, we become easy prey. (1 Peter 5: 8 NLT)Let us not, therefore, lie on our ears that once we have found salvation, we have finished our work, as some ‘temporary scholars’ try to insinuate, but remembering that when we made peace with God, we received as a gift Inheritance can to the most precious aspect of the universe, (Divine Citizenship) to put into practice the mentality of the Lord Jesus and at the same time of a behavior according to our belonging to heaven, because Salvation obliges us to manifest a life of authentic faith.But if we choose not to live each day with care, Satan will sprinkle in our lives small thoughts and ideas that later put into practice will bring blame to the Kingdom of Heaven even by ourselves, and ironically without realizing it. .Be blessed!Pastor Florin Antonie […]

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