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One of the great defects of postmodern Christianity is to take advantage of the Goodness and Love of God. A kind of mentality, that unfortunately more and more of our fellows acquire in this period of spiritual fog, that has enveloped humanity.

But how can we correct this mentality? But above all, how can we show the world the pure image of the Godhead reflected on our faces? The answer lies in the practical thinking of those who have seen the Lord Jesus.

So here are some tips from the wisdom of our forerunners:

I quote: “As obedient children, let us not be dragged into the lusts which we once had, when we were in ignorance (gr. Ignorance), But, as the One who called us is holy, let us also be Holy in all our conduct. ” I ended the quote from 1 Peter 1: 14-15; The man who out of negligence himself tasted the fruit of ignorance for a time

An authentic believer therefore strives to be like his Savior in all aspects of life, seeking every opportunity to rid himself of his sin and poison.

This type of Christian, in fact the only authentic one, will not indulge in any way in the twilight state of living the ephemeral moment.

Following the same idea, the Apostle Paul asked us in turn, full of meaning: “Shall we always sin, that grace may abound?
Not at all! We who have died to sin, how can we live in sin? ”

Carefully analyzed through this niche of understanding, the concise message of the Apostle Paul draws our attention to a custom deeply ingrained in our culture and mentality, namely that by which, willingly or unwillingly, ‘man takes advantage of the divine goodness,’ thus becoming guilty. Of living a life in complete dissonance with the will of the Creator.

To be a Christian therefore means to assume the mentality and life practice of the Savior. For just as the good tree is known by its sweet fruit, so a true believer will be distinguished in this illusory world of ‘counterfeits’ only by His good deeds and worthy of a child of God!

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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