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Thought of the day:

The natural tendency of the man in distress and trouble is to quickly turn to a life-saving solution, in the idea of ​​finding relief from deep wounds and if he can regain his lost radiance.

We all know the fact that we look with hopeful eyes at the miraculous ‘lifeline’ as we pass through the valley of the shadow of death, but what we almost never realize is that the only solution that will bring us complete salvation and repair lies in The generosity and love of God.

I know, this explanation sounds archaic and old-fashioned for a postmodern mind, trained in the idea of ​​human self-sufficiency, and which considers divinity only a myth worthy of the imagination of the less blessed past generations.

However, by carefully and diligently analyzing every detail of life and science that governs the movement of each of its molecules, one cannot help but notice the imprint of the Creator who made everything.

Wherever you are, re-learn today to communicate with Him, to call on His name and to make friends with the one in whose palm is pierced with the barbarism and hatred specific to the human race your name and my name.

By befriending God you will understand absolute happiness. Moreover, even the dreaded ‘valley of the shadow of death’ will turn into a place that will resound with songs of joy.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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