Thought of the day:

The fundamental principle that has built the good character of man throughout its history, has been and remains the storage in one’s own mind of all the teachings of science and wisdom.

Only in this way did the limp being manage to build step by step a healthy, ethical and moral mentality that would give him emotional stability and meaning, in a world that gradually remains without direction and without perspective.

After all, the Word of God simply reiterates this display of wisdom: ‘I hold Your word in my heart, that I may not sin against You!’ (Psalm 119)

By diligently analyzing this text, we understand that an authentic believer fills his mind every day with “Bible teachings” and not just “religious information” as many postmodern Christians tend to do; Believing that they can thus compensate for the clear and precise directives of God’s Word through the ‘theological teachings’ full of the subjective and often duplicitous interpretations of their fellow men.

Living in the complicated times of apostasy where there is much talk ‘about’ the Bible but without discussing, analyzing and learning in detail its practical content, we are all at risk of gradually adapting to the trend of collective indifference and ignorance when it comes to About the relationship and relationship with and to God. We thus condemn ourselves to living an illusory life that will ultimately put us at the stake of infamy.

By distracting from the teachings of the Bible, the evil one will benefit from the decline in efficiency and ultimately the total atrophy of the Christian faith, because without faith (that spiritual foundation established by God Himself), all man’s religiosity will be easily brought down. .

Keeping this advice in your mind today, motivate yourself to return to the spiritual source, namely the Bible. Absorb its teachings and so your whole being will revive like a dry plant that feels the coolness of crystal clear water again.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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