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Communication is the mechanism that carries in itself all the energy necessary to ennoble man and elevate him to the status of a sage of this world or on the contrary, when it is channeled and misused it can send him to the pillar of infamy.

‘The words of the gossip,’ reminded us of the great Sage of Israel, ‘are like cakes that slip easily into the depths of man’s bowels.’ Prov 26:22

In fact, gossip, one of the most destructive diseases that has found a comfortable place in the liberal mentality of contemporary Christianity, has become a ‘taboo’ subject in our time, and which few today dare to put under it. Magnifying glass analysis.

However, when we look carefully and diligently, we understand that we are talking here about a custom whose sweet whispers are widely accepted in the Christian community and unfortunately tasted and practiced by most “Postmodern Saints of the Godhead; But without realizing that they hold the place of honor in the treasury of their character, the scourge with the greatest capacity for destruction when it comes to interpersonal relationships in the Church of God.

Interestingly or not, the term used in the Bible for gossip or gossip is the Greek concept ‘diabolos’ which in free translation means ‘evil, defamatory or accusing’.

Commenting on its devastating effects, John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Movement, said that: Lord. ‘

Wherever you are, you choose to be today a man who acquires a mentality superior to the common people. To be a true Christian, moving away from the entourage that pushes you to the mist of death.

Dare to believe that you can be a light in the dark without forgetting that only through the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Spirit or the Holy Spirit will you win the hard fight against sin and dirty talk!

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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