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Thought of the day:

By carefully analyzing the latest events and news that are rapidly unfolding around the world, we can easily understand that we are living in the difficult times of apostasy and spiritual darkness, a confusing period of history in which we all march frantically in a barren indoctrination and in That justice is always done with the fist, and the laws have more and more often acquired the smell of ‘gunpowder’.

We feel overwhelmed and abused, fiercely looking for culprits for the deplorable state of humanity but without realizing that we are the perpetrators of the moral and spiritual decay in which we find ourselves.

Why do I say that? Because by choosing to voluntarily distance ourselves from the mentality and way of being and thinking of our Creator, a God who taught us from the beginning what unconditional love and kindness is and how it works, we have practically fallen prey to the character of the one we love. We were deceived; Satan, the angel who fell from the Glory of the Kingdom of Heaven and who earnestly desires to control the universe through the human being.

Following his example of cunning and violence in this world, we were overwhelmed and imbued with all his hatred and venom, hitting each other with greater wickedness and skill than the exponent of wickedness himself would have ever hoped. When he gave us to drink his cup poisoned by sin.

If, as for you, you are tired of wandering through this world without a sure perspective, and you want to taste true happiness and be part of the select category of exponents of divine goodness and love, you must understand today that God is revealed only to those who sincerely seek Him.

Dare to believe that you can do more than you hoped. That you can be the light from the dense darkness that has enveloped mankind, that you can be that guide that Christianity so desperately needs today.

For this, however, you must cast out of your mind any thoughts infected with sin, and then absorb in you all the goodness and love of God, thus nourishing your soul in the Bible, His true and good Word!

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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