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Thought of the day:

Because we live, work, educate, and socialize with one another in the same sinful society, we will be permanently exposed to the risk of being deceived and bombarded with all the poison of its decadent philosophy.

In fact, developing our mentality in a corrupt world and constantly subjected to tempting offers, cunningly presented by the evil one, we slowly but surely began to sink into the mud and dust of this dirty world, pushed down by the heavy burden of acceptance. Compromise and indulgence in sin.

Thus, in the same way that Satan overthrew the world through lies and deceitful illusions that at first glance and carefully analyzed seemed noble, he will also try to deceive us!

It will enter our lives through the so-called ‘sins considered small’, often ignored, but which will instantly begin to have their evil effect on the ‘virus’ mind of the permissive man with sin, and which like a microscopic fissure will gradually develop with the passage Time, accumulating in itself the ability to break in two even the strongest and most resistant rock.

In the same way, a seemingly harmless sin now will carry in itself the energy necessary to destroy our whole life; But he will do so treacherously and laconically, for it will entail an endless stream of irregularities which will carry us on the steps of decadence and lead us from bad to worse.

So don’t play with sin. Do not listen to the whisper of the evil one and do not let yourself be carried away by his strategy because giving him even the slightest chance, he will infiltrate your life like poison, and drop by drop it will become part of your nature.

If you want to be a true and victorious believer, tasting the happiness and joy of the redeemed, start today by catching the ‘foxes’ of sin and taking them out of your entourage.

Dare to believe that you can be a wise man in this crazy world and deceived by sin, because in you resides the power of the Creator and only through Him can you overcome any temptation.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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