Thought of the day:

We live without denying the times that have spread over the world the gloomy veil of uncertainty, helplessness and the horror of death. Whether we believe it or not, we live in those days long warned by the Bible, in which man’s mind will fall asleep and the divine spirit in him will be extinguished.

We are therefore very close to the moment when we will judge with the Godhead for all our iniquities; A state of affairs which, although it should make us responsible, brings to many a state of despair or indifference, because sin still weighs heavily in the experience of daily life.

And yet, now that the story of a captive world in pseudo-happiness is preparing to draw its last curtain, a cry of hope transcends space and time echoing in the terrible spiritual night that has soaked its soot everywhere and everywhere. It is the warm voice of the Savior of the world, of the Lord Jesus Christ who calls us by name even today, because he wants to be close to us, to listen to our pain and to encourage us even if everyone else has left us.

‘Come to me,’ said the Savior of the world in long-forgotten times; ‘Come, all you who are toiling and burdened, and I will give rest to your souls’!

‘Come on! For the time of grace is ending ”God calls us today, uttering the same gentle words that encourage us, comforting our battered and bent bodies under the fierce blows of life’s troubles!

The same God, the same love and the same goodness, shown to our Father Abraham are offered to you today and to you with the specific generosity of a Father full of passion for his child.

Wherever you are, turn your face to Him by entrusting yourself to the strong and powerful hand of God, choosing to dedicate your life to Him exclusively, without forgetting that He was, is, and will always be ready for you. Shield as much as possible Reward.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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