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Thought of the day:

How much more do you perceive God’s blessing in your own life? Or in other words, is there still in you the attitude of gratitude specific to a grateful man because he has in his possession the grace of having lived to see and discern the wonders of creation?

If not, imagine today one of the most difficult and ungrateful situations in human life, namely, what it would have been like to have been born ‘blind’ in a world of ‘deaf-mutes’.

It is a dramatic, cynical and hopeless situation, because if the deaf or dumb still have a small chance to understand each other, because I see the reality around them, you, a blind man in the world of the deaf and dumb would have remained Doomed forever in the sinister mist of silence.

If for the former there is at least the possibility of alleviating the despair of the soul by distinguishing the ‘signs’ of others, reality would have buried you in nothingness, nullifying any possibility of seeing, speaking or hearing; In other words without any chance to communicate and find any meaning in life.

Although it seems a difficult scenario to imagine for a mind full of optimism and daring but without substance liberalism of the contemporary generation, still analyzing ourselves thoroughly, we will notice that in most aspects of life we ​​invalidated ourselves, choosing to believe ourselves strong, Wise and strong, though we have been and are but threads of cosmic dust, wandering through ephemeral life.

Transcribing this picture into the deity-free daily life of modern man, we can summarize that we have colored our lives with stress, worry, and despair, thus annihilating our ability to see the hope and joy of salvation.

If you find yourself in the situation where you have been deceived by the unsubstantiated promises of people, believing that you will find answers to the questions and problems that dig into you decadence, remember today that only with the Lord Jesus can you find fulfillment, delight And abundance, and that only through Him can you come to see, hear, and feel the truth.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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