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Thought of the day:

‘It is not like that? If you do well, you will be well received; But if you do wrong, sin lurks at the door; His desire is for you, but you must have it. ‘

This is the wise counsel with which we are greeted today by God, a passage gleaned from the Book of Genesis 4: 7.

Reading carefully we easily understand that in his harmful relationship with humanity ‘Satan’ does nothing but ignite in the mind of the unhappy man the spark of decadence, and then quietly warm himself to the heat emanating from the fiery fire through which the limp being will gradually burn in The cauldrons of sin.
A fire, which ironically man maintains himself as a price debt.

Satan’s temptations will try to enter our lives through multiple shapes and colors, often mimicking the very holiness emanating from the Trinity.

To carry out his vile plan he will always use our own desires and weaknesses; A cruel irony, born of a sinister strategy but which nullifies every chance of our salvation as long as we remain anchored in evil.

However, we must not forget that the power and spirit of our Creator dwells in us, a weapon through which we can withstand any temptation.

Wherever you are, I urge you all today to respect the coat of arms of the children of the Godhead, and choosing the ways of wisdom to cling our souls to His Word, because by absorbing in their own minds the beauty of the teachings, we will strengthen our faith, we will ensure Power in trials and we will chisel our deeds worthy of our repentance.

Choose to live clean, without selling your treasures of the soul for worthless trifles, but by every word, and by every deed you seek to honor the One who saved us from this sinful world!

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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