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Thought of the day:

How much do you look at the mistakes of others and how much do you think about your own?

In some context, Jesus said to Peter, ‘Come, follow me.’ Peter looked at him and asked, “Lord, what about John? Then Jesus answered and said unto her, What wilt thou? You come after Me! ‘ I ended the quote from Eve 21: 19,21-22

We therefore note in this short example one of the most deficient aspects of the mentality that humanity and in this case Christianity have adopted during their so-called ‘evolution’.

Namely, to ‘chisel’ their mechanisms of observation and analysis oriented towards what others do and think, rather than towards their own customs; An ungrateful situation in which modern man can no longer concentrate, believe or even think, without first taking a brief look through the neighbors’ yard.

By forcing ourselves to enter this often irrational and inappropriate place, we have come to be dependent and ‘enchanted’ on the opinions and opinions of our fellow men, neglecting the true model to follow, namely Christ; A dangerous situation that holds within itself the potential and kinetic energy necessary to ‘derail easily from the path of faith’, and to collapse into the abyss of a slow but sure spiritual death.

We popularly call it ‘herd spirit’ or more scientifically expressed ‘automatism of group thinking’, a custom that worked at maximum intensity even in the days of ancient Peter.

‘What do you care what others do and say’? The Savior corrected him tactfully and lovingly; You come after me!

Meditating carefully on the teachings of the Lord Jesus, we should also do our best today to detach ourselves from the harmful mentalities and practices of the world, and leaving in peace the ‘goat’ of the neighbor, to look intently to Christ, because Salvation will Be offered only according to the divine mentality that we voluntarily put into the practice of life and at the same time to the way we choose to relate practically to our God!

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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