Thought of the day:

Lack or fear of responsibility is one of the most deficient attitudes that has dug its way into the human mind and which the unhappy being often prefers to substantiate his daily behaviors.

In fact, this seems to be the new nature of postmodern Christianity and its people, frantically in love with the intensity and emotion of the moment. A special world, of ‘sages of spirituality’ who sold themselves to everyday pleasures. Unhappy ones who have chosen to derail their lives voluntarily from the path of Truth, and reaching so far from where they ought to have been, are now struggling in the dark; Fooling his mind with the illusion of the fictitious liberties of sin.

Carefully analyzing the morals of the so-called religion practiced in the new generation, a cohort not interested in the mysteries and depths of the Bible but in speculating on tradition or spiritual formalism, we would be amazed if this kind of ‘surface’ Christianity would find its way back to The light.

As for you, if meditating now on these thoughts you realize that you too are among those who have chosen to flee from the mentality and tasks set by God, finding comfort in the dark and rotten caves of this world, bring yourself today Remember the status you should have in this world and ask yourself in secret:

What am I doing here? Or more precisely, what is the purpose and impact in the world of my existence?

Then choose to actively respond to the call of the Godhead and get out of the midst of iniquity, strengthen your mindset in the divine light of the Bible by voluntarily embarking on the fight against sin that has overwhelmed your life like a rich hold.

Do not forget! Only this select category of people will shine like the sun at noon in the troubled times that have gripped mankind.
Choose to be among them. It’s up to you.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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