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Thought of the day:

“Does not make  Spring a flower” reminds us of an old saying from the elders; Observation that emphasizes that the definition of a system lies in the sum of its attributes and not in a singular aspect, separate from all others.

Armed with this idea, we set off today to analyze one of the most delicate but at the same time, deep spiritual ideas.

I quote: ‘Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus’ I have concluded the short and concise quote recorded in the Epistle of the Apostle Paul – Philippians 2: 5

Carefully translated, the short text (often misinterpreted) brings to light one of the most beautiful requirements for humanity, basically the essence of the Godhead given generously to each of us. An art impregnated in the beginning in Adam, but which mankind quickly forgot when he chose to absorb in himself the poison of sin, thus leaving to evil the freedom to infiltrate the minds of each of us.

Read in its original language, the idea expressed by the Apostle Paul would sound something like this: ‘Take in yourselves the whole mind of Christ Jesus’ which brings to the understanding a new perspective and a completely different consistency and weight. Perspective that lays before our eyes the image of a God especially interested in ‘man’s thinking’ or more popularly called ‘his mind’ and not necessarily ‘thought’ as a singular element, and often isolated among the wild ideas of life.

God is therefore not impressed by the few thoughts of humility and repentance, lost in the mind full of sin and wickedness of man, but He wants the whole thought and mentality of the being He created by His perfect image and character, to be subordinated to holiness and faithfulness.

The thought that won the battle with evil at Golgotha ​​lies in humility, humility, and self-sacrifice. This is the art of the Godhead with which we were blessed in the beginning and which we, the sinners of the modern world, will have to rediscover.

Be blessed
Pastor Florin Antonie

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