Thought of the day:

How firm is your faith? Or simply put: are you still anchored in God? Or made according to everyday preferences? … Are the key questions that put us today under the magnifying glass of divine analysis.

What makes me say these things? Well, we live without denying the hard times of the end of a sin-stricken civilization, which has long derailed from the line of divine ethics, building a surrogate system of deception and manipulation in the center of which man, in the recklessness of his mind, has risen on Himself to the rank of God.

It is therefore a time of sifting, when only a few will shine like the sun at noon, radiating the divine mentality of the One in whom they trusted; I am speaking here of unwavering trust in God.

How did we get here and what should we do to secure eternity in Christ? You might ask. Well, wandering through the sinful cob of the world around us, generation after generation we have gradually diluted the essence and real meaning of life, but especially the divine image of the Creator from which we all draw sap; A God of goodness, justice and truth.

Thus merging our mentality with that of the society in which we cohabit and absorbing the deceptive philosophies in our own souls, we have learned too quickly and too easily the art of ‘duplicitism’; And like the ancient Ananias and Sapphira, we find a way to offer the Savior only what suits us, and more and more often only the ‘rotten apples’ in the golden basket of our own existences.

Meditating sincerely on the teaching of our Creator and at the same time analyzing the practices of daily life, I urge you to remember today that only those who will become like the Savior of the world, giving everything for him who in turn Sacrificed everything, they will have the Kingdom of Heaven.

Wherever you are, dare to believe in God and you will experience what it means to have the full support of the Creator of the Universe because it is written, ‘The Lord spreads his eyes all over the earth to support those whose hearts are His whole.’ 2 Chronicles 16: 9

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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