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Thought of the day:

Living in a society prone to evil and whose values ​​are deeply rooted in immorality, violence and lies, any desire or intention to behave like a true man of goodness, justice and truth will be undermined and pushed hard into the depths of infamy.

Thus, the ‘unfortunate’ exponent of morality who dared to open the shabby doors of the cellars of tradition in the idea of ​​bringing little light and fresh air into darkness, will be punished almost instantly, and the peak, even by his own, as a payment for boldness To illuminate and expose the sinister landscape around him through a God-worthy attitude and behavior.

Being exposed to constant and unjust social pressure, we often go through the ‘valley of the shadow of death’; Stressed, tired and hit on all sides, sometimes forgetting the attitude we must adopt towards Heaven and the world, namely the image of a mentality specific only to the sons and daughters of God, those unique people who have known and experienced This earth drowned in sin all the Goodness of the Savior.

Well, how should we behave and what attitude should we adopt from the position of real emissaries of heaven?

In one of his beautiful speeches recorded in the Bible, Job, the great man of God, left us a fascinating sample of the mentality of a victor:

‘What,’ said Job, ‘do we receive from God only good, and not from evil? In all this he did not sin with his lips. ‘ Job 2:10

So if you go through this ‘dark valley of trouble’ today, remember who you are and at the same time that all things work for the good of those who love God; Rejoice that through the trouble that lies before you today, the Creator prepares in His generosity a great Blessing that when you see it you will quickly erase from your memory the ‘little’ sadness of today.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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