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How should I deal with those who tempt me to malice manifested by word or deed? How to “swallow something like that … I have to teach them a lesson;

… Are the thoughts that often grind the man hit and with a desire for revenge. In fact, we all often find ourselves in this position.

However, God sent us a clear and concise message: “Return not evil for evil, neither reproach for reproach; On the contrary, you are blessed, for to this you have been called: to inherit the blessing. ” 1 Peter 3: 9

Thus, perhaps the most difficult practice in the lives of postmodern Christians is to always return good for evil, and not anyway but smiling and blessing, regardless of the circumstances. Even when the mind, heart, and soul would have every right to seek the fullest revenge against the enemy who strikes mercilessly and mockingly at the bodies weary of the long and heavy burden of life.

This pacifist and indulgent mentality, placed in the unbridled context and always placed at the head of the world around us, might seem worthy of weak people and without a future in the consumer society; ‘Bastards’ who do not know how to capitalize on the rights that are offered to us all with a generous hand by a permissive culture with sin, but extremely demanding and critical of those who want a moral and ethical life.

Social pressure therefore speaks for itself, slowly but surely grinding every fragment of kindness and generosity in the heart of a humanity that is becoming more and more strange, and of a Christianity that is more and more open-mouthed and more liberal when it comes to strictly observing divine values. . The latter have long since abandoned the Bible’s guide and built their own dogmas and traditions, for the observance of which you no longer need knowledge and meaning, but rather a mechanical accumulation of nonsense and indoctrination of the mind.

But to return for good to evil no matter the circumstances is not a proof of weakness, but a high mentality that should be found in every true Christian, because we have learned how to be like our Heavenly Father.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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