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Thought of the day:

One of the fundamental needs of man has its origin in his ‘innate desire to ally’ with other fellows, or more simply, the need to form a group of friends from the multitude of faces with which he interacts daily.

This beautiful expression of the human personality therefore comes from the impulse to share our trouble or joy with others, and at the same time to transpose our whole being into the new macro-organism, so that ensuring the comfort of the ‘alliance’ we can confidently take life in our chests. .

That’s how each of us is, whether we recognize it or not, and that’s how we were created to be; Inter-dependent on each other and at the same time all dependent on our Creator.

But this mystery of the celestial structure that defines us is well known by Satan, for he himself was once created in time immemorial, resonating for a time with the Divine glory of the Creator, until he chose the twisted paths of disobedience, generating Thus the primordial sin, a concept that did not exist until then.

That is why this being, now evil, will constantly try to break us from belonging to the Godhead, constantly interfering between us and our Creator, by inducing in our lives inappropriate ‘covenants’ that will gradually draw us away from the path of truth and Of life ‘.

By meditating secretly on these thoughts, where you are, stop for a moment and look at your perspective, because only by carefully analyzing your life will you realize the place through which the forces of darkness enter your own existence, breaking without breaking. Consider the covenants with your God.

So if you want in the end, when we are all judged not to be in the uncomfortable posture of eternal shame, leave no chance to the evil one to play with your mind.

Wherever you are, let your heart express what the Psalmist said in the old days:

‘To You, Lord, I lift up my soul. In thee, O God, do I put my trust: let me not be put to confusion, that my enemies may rejoice over me. ‘

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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