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Thought of the day:

The difference between wisdom and naivety lies in man’s ability to correctly understand the reality in which he lives and to the same extent to respond appropriately to each situation with which he intersects his steps throughout life.

Often, however, for the minds full of ‘lusts’ of modern believers, accustomed rather to debauched practices than to holiness, the reality around us becomes uncomfortable, causing them to change the register of understanding their own existence through a complex process. Of contortion and change of meaning of reality.

They thus transform their lives into a kind of “virtual world” that permanently gives them the status of “true believers” or “people according to God’s will” no matter what they say, what they do or what they actually are in Everyday mode.

But knowing that the truth is always intangible, absolute and unique, the painful question arises: Who, however, are those who have understood the truth as it is, thus receiving the inheritance of heaven? And in extenso: who are those who struggle in the trap of virtual reality?

The key to understanding this mystery and at the same time the way we position ourselves in the reality around us, is not in the way the individual perceives himself, but in the way he is himself perceived and understood by other people around him. .

‘This is how we should be viewed and perceived,’ the Apostle Paul pointed out in 1 Corinthians 4: 1.
‘As ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God.’

Starting from this way of thinking, we should each secretly ask ourselves what all those with whom life has crossed our paths on this day see in us.

Do they see in us the true servants of Christ?

Or, on the contrary, leaving aside the small evils with which he encounters anyway, they see in us only unscrupulous braggarts, whose pompous statements are never transcribed in the practice of a life that when carefully analyzed remains always obscure and chameleon-like.

Be blessed.
Pastor Florin Antonie

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