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Thought of the day:

What or what is true faith? And how can we be sure that we are following God’s will exactly? You might rightly wonder from the position of a captive man in a world of relativism, where from every corner a voice is heard claiming that it announces or is the truth.

A world of ‘illustrious bastards’ whose master philosophers burn and pass quickly, like shooting stars, so that what is postulated and vigorously supported today, tomorrow will be replaced with something better or more attractive to the ear.

How did I get here? A better-framed question would sound. Well, developing our thinking and mentality in the style and after the prescriptions of the ‘golden age’ of humanity, where all those who found or invented an alternative to success were elevated to the rank of honor, contemporary believers began to implement and They gradually these mechanisms of ‘relativism’ into the very Church of God.

We have thus reached the ungrateful situation of a strange kind of ‘spiritual marketing’; A confusing and degrading one in which the sound teaching of the Bible has been adorned with all sorts of sinful ideas of man addicted to sin and then exposed on the windshield of a raging world both literally and figuratively, when it comes to Morality and ethics.

And yet, in this generalized mess, the direction God drew before our deviation from the truth remains clear, concise, and concise: I quote, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me, ”I concluded.

Thus, if as far as you are concerned, carefully analyzing your life you will find hidden in the chest of your mind all sorts of alternative practices of ‘authentic faith,’ look back to the Bible today and remember that the only Path to Happiness It is founded on God and His unaltered teachings.

Do not forget! In this motley world full of tempting offerings, the salvation of humanity is found only in the correct understanding and at the same time in the exact practice of the mentality and faith of Jesus Christ.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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