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Thought of the day:

How are you doing with patience in the age of speed? It was the title of an old anecdote that slowly shows its sample of truth hidden among the lines.

Driven by an eminently selfish thinking that draws its juice from the Latin philosophy “hic et nunc” translated “here and now” we have become impatient and often annoying, so that like spoiled children, when it comes to fulfilling the plans we want so much Pathos to end happily in front of each of us, we forget that only people who put ‘wisdom’ before the reaction of the moment will have success in life.

But because we choose to live every moment in the effervescence and speed specific to the modern world, we let ourselves be willingly or unwillingly modeled not only in terms of the style of taking life in the chest, but especially I changed my perspective by Who perceive and prioritize ourselves and our own desires in relation to those of our fellow men.

If you carefully analyze your mentality and realize that you too have fallen into this temptation of impatience, remember today your God and His divine mentality, because He, once He promised us help, will not delay in fulfilling the plans. Its and everything that began, will lead to the end; Even if in impatient minds God’s plan often seems to be at an eternal distance.

In fact, it is written, “God will finish everything that began for me. Lord, Your goodness endures forever. ” I quoted from Psalm 138: 8

But God will implement everything according to the model of a perfect plan, which sometimes does not have the path we had anticipated, being captive in a much more limited and subjective perspective, even the most often selfish.

Wherever you are, do not lose hope, but wait in silence for the help of the Lord, because as it is written, ‘He who comes will come and will not linger, and his rewards will be with him’ to give to each of us according to the deeds. And obedience to the practice of daily life.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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