One of the most difficult decisions we face is to let our character, beliefs, and values ​​guide our lives.

Psychology reminds us that until we reach the key moment when we understand and realize self-failure and the need for change, we will never really really change, but will try our best to adapt what we currently are; imitating sometimes one, sometimes the other.

We thus achieve only a superficial change, without having the consistency of a healthy mentality and at the same time, without understanding the true faith that will direct us and calibrate our entire spiritual dimension of our own lives.

But what is to be done?

If, as for you, you understand the need for change, being disappointed by the attempts that have failed so far, you will have to let God thoroughly build His work in your whole being.

Let yourself be carried away by wisdom by giving a free hand to God to complete His work in your life, and only then will His Spirit overwhelm you and His Glory envelop you. You will shine like the noonday sun and the whole world will look at you as a landmark of greatness.

Begin with the beginning, indulge in the Love and Goodness of the Creator, and say firmly, ‘Build in me a pure heart, O God, and put in me a new and steadfast spirit!’ (Psalm 51:10)

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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