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Thought of the day:

How can I become a better man in a society that seems to have forgotten what kindness and faithfulness are?

This is the standard question that should be on the table every day of every true believer, that man who always aims at perfecting his own life, in accordance with the practical faith dictated by God.

‘Take the slag out of the silver, and the silversmith shall make it a vessel of choice.’ Is the answer elegantly uttered by the sage Solomon – Proverbs 25: 4

The Bible thus welcomes us today with one of the most disturbing truths about postmodern Christianity, a system full of corruption, falsehood, and self-deception, but of which unfortunately we are all part in these last days of history.

Yes! God knows that we are full of slag and impurities, he knows it, and although in every second of the history of these vain times he has had and has at hand the opportunity to make others better, purer and truer than we are. , He chooses in His immeasurable love of the Creator to offer us solutions to save and find the target to the house. And he does it for each of us, with patience and passion, even if he knows that most will get lost on the road and will never reach his glory.

Reading carefully the text submitted to our attention today, we remember the metallurgical process by which the purification of precious metals is done, where the most efficient method is to melt the material and ‘boil’ it to the point where the slag and impurity rise to the surface, because The dense, clean metal repels itself the dust and filth that had recently robbed it of its luster.

So if you want to be a ‘precious metal’ in the hands of the one who has the power to make you a chosen vessel, choose today to undergo the process of removing all the impurities that have stolen your brilliance. Choose to embark on the path that will purify you and put you in a place of honor in the precious treasury of the Creator, for only in this way will you find holiness and only in this way will you inherit eternal life.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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