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Thought of the day:

‘Beware of worldly and old-fashioned fairy tales. Rather seek to be godly; Godliness is useful in every way, for it has the promise of present and future life. ‘

By intertwining our daily activities with those of the people we live with, we have inevitably begun to gradually adapt to the ‘less Christian’ mechanisms and practices of those around us.

We have thus become laden with all sorts of strange rituals and practices, most of which are detached from the pagan world and which, paradoxically, we no longer understand, but even sadder, we are no longer interested in finding out the source of their origin; Practicing them with the stubbornness and stubbornness specific to a ‘captive world in the ideological vortex of doctrines’.

However, undergoing a rigorous analysis in the light of the Bible, we will be surprised to note that many of the so-called spiritual behaviors that we practice hard are in fact only spiritually embellished imitations of the pagan world, elements that find no Correspondent in the Word of God.

When he observed the same “outrageous” tendencies in ancient Christianity, the Apostle Pacel drew attention to the fact that what defines us as authentic Christians in a society is precisely the living of a ‘godly life’, active and precise in terms of Biblically and by no means, the practice of imitative automatisms from the corrupt world around us.

All this implies a specific mentality, in which man actively analyzes, thinks and processes every detail of his spiritual life, constantly making informed decisions and not blindly practicing what he does not understand.
In fact, looking carefully at the plan of human salvation that the Bible tells us about, we will notice that its central element is precisely the concept of ‘Repentance’, an archaic term but which translated directly and carefully into modern Romanian means ‘a new mind’. A high and precise mind, or more simply, a calculated mind that thinks of every step taken in this world.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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