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Total transformation of thought

Thought of the day:

When it comes to the spiritual life ‘Metanoia’, it is the concept with the highest density in the vocabulary of the ‘practicing’ believers. In fact, many of us dare to question this expression, but without fully understanding what it implies, what it describes, and how it can be put into practice correctly.

Analyzing and looking carefully and diligently at what John the Baptist preached and what Jesus later asked of us when He introduced this strange concept into His ‘theology’, imperatively asking us to repent, because the Kingdom The heavens are near. ‘ Matthew 4:17 we may be surprised by the connotations and legal significance of ‘Repentance’, but especially by the need to express it in our own lives.

Using a simple explanation, the error of interpretation and correct implementation of the concept of Repentance is rooted in the faulty translation of the Greek original ‘Metanoia’, an expression that refers rather to the ‘radical and total transformation of thought’ and Not exclusively to the need for ‘repentance’ (the manifestation deeply rooted in our lands). In fact, this misunderstanding is most often used as an excuse to ‘quickly erase the sins of a dozen opportunists’ – those people who make their living in a corrupt religious system and subject to evil rather than goodness.

Returning, we note that the term ‘repentance’ describes a complex process of understanding the state of sin, followed by a radical change in thinking and mentality and not that mechanical and childish imitation of what is said from the oaths of the Church, as many He tended to believe.

In conclusion: to be true Christians, possessing a new and spiritually elevated mentality, we must first understand that it is imperative to change the way we think and react in this world by accepting ‘theology’. Described in the pages of the Bible and not the meaningless additions of men.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie