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Thought of the day:

What shall I do? How can I finish it? Is there still hope? These are the questions that slip on the lips of more and more people who stare blankly, with sad hearts and crushed by the burdens of a reality that seems more cruel than ever.

‘Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. ‘ the Bible’s invariable answer comes as a roar of victory, ‘Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.’ I conclude the quote from Paul’s Epistle (Philippians 4: 6 NLT)

However, why do we struggle with helplessness? Well… carried by destiny and the raging wave of life, we became enslaved and dominated by the society it culminated, we firmly believed that we mastered it, and the ‘priorities of life’ that we imagined we ordered according to the perfect logic of success , they have in fact come to prioritize our own lives, and like ruthless enemies they cruelly dig into us both the erosion of the body, but especially the soul.

Thus, without taking into account the danger, we let ourselves be pressed into the ‘machine of worries’ of life, forgetting who we are in the eyes of God but especially what chosen destiny has been prepared for us.

So enslaved by our own desires, we began to live “worldly” gathering sin after sin in the sack that was meant to be the bearer of deeds of goodness; An otherwise ungrateful situation and to the culmination of which, we try in our irrational indolence to find more and more spiritualized explanations.

But life, the Lord Jesus teaches us, must be lived in the expectation of the Kingdom that is to come soon and by no means rooted in the sinful mentality of the society around us.

After all, we already know that everything down here will pass with a crack and into a fire that will not burn, and that which is holy and pure will endure forever.

Meditating on these words and understanding at the same time that you may have begun to indulge in numbness, choose today to truly live, enjoying a pure life that represents God. Choose the ways of wisdom, making the application of the prescriptions of the Lord Jesus a priority in your life.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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