Dare to believe

Thought of the day:

How much do I give to God from everything I have in this world? It is the natural question that should resonate in the mind of every true Christian and also be at the center of the mentality of the man who has tasted the goodness of God.

During His earthly ministry, one day looking at the Temple, Jesus noticed some people throwing their gifts into the treasury. Looking intently at them, he noticed somewhere a poor widow, putting there the two pennies she still had in her possession, or rather, her entire fortune.

‘I tell you the truth, this poor widow gave more than all the others,’ said the Lord Jesus, ‘for all the others gave gifts of their abundance, but she gave of her poverty, she gave all she had to live. ‘ Luke 21: 1-4

By carefully and diligently analyzing the mentality that the Savior displayed in that context, we understand the way God thinks and also what He appreciates when He looks at us to evaluate our experiences, namely the mentality of self-sacrifice and TOTAL GIVING. .

The lesson described in this biblical passage and which we should all absorb in our thinking and practice is that of the primacy that belongs to God in all aspects of life, including those of generosity, for as the widow gave in the temple everything he had to live, we should do the same, abandoning ourselves completely to the strong hand of the Creator.

Motivated by these thoughts, let us put in our hearts the motivation to learn today how to give everything to the one who gave everything so that each of us now has the chance of eternity.

Why do it? that’s what you might ask at the end … Well, because by showing us goodness in these little things, He will bequeath to us the great things that we may not even dream of now!

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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