Wisdom from fearWisdom from fear of God!

Thought of the day:

‘Seek God as long as he can be found; call him while he is near you. ‘ It is the exhortation which Isaiah (55: 6) the great Prophet of Israel warmly addressed to all mankind; advice that stops in front of us today.

But looking for something or someone always involves investing a voluntary effort, energy consumption and especially time.

Looking through this lens of understanding towards everyday reality, a rather capricious and pessimistic one when it comes to practicing the truth, we remember that the duty and also the priority in the practical life of the authentic Christian is to constantly seek fellowship with the Godhead and all his servants.

Why? you could ask discreetly; and why would we waste our time hunting for chimeras? it would also resonate with a society infected to the marrow of love for its own ‘ego.’

Well, because in the select entourage of the Godhead the word will always be the word, and morality will always resonate with the precision of truth.

Starting from this idea and also looking at the long-gone times, we find the mentality of the Prophet Daniel, the one who offered us by his own example the way to seek God.

‘I turned to the Lord to seek him with prayer and supplication, fasting in sackcloth and ashes.’ Daniel 9: 3

By carefully analyzing the life of this special man, we understand that seeking God in order to have fellowship with Him and also with His elect, involves 3 areas of action that cannot be missing from the life of the true Christian, namely: Bible reading, prayer and fasting!

By practicing all these disciplines we will learn how to find God’s fellowship and how to please Him through all our conduct.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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