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Thought of the day:

Meditating on the sufferings of the Savior 2000 years ago, the One who would surrender Himself into the hands of sinners to bring forgiveness and atonement to the whole world, realized that neither the nails nor the Roman whip caused him the greatest pain. .

Neither the heavy cross nor the mockery of his enemies hurt him so much as the unbelief and distrust of his disciples, the people with whom the Creator began his work of rehabilitation and salvation of mankind, and whom before His passions at Calvary, Christ passionately declared them ‘friends of God.’

Carefully analyzing the behavior of all of them, you will notice with surprise that they all too soon forgot the promise of their Lord, namely, that He, the sinless man, will not remain captive to the grave and decay, and that in only three days they will meet again in Galilee!

Looking as if in the future with the accuracy of a fine observer, Zechariah, one of the most skilled Prophets of the chosen people, secretly postulated:

‘And if anyone asks him,’ Where do these wounds from your hands come from? ‘ he will answer, ‘I received them in the house of those who loved me.’ Zechariah 13: 6

Because we are nothing above the disciples of old, people who have forgotten too quickly the purpose, purpose and destiny of life, stop today for a moment from the hustle and bustle of your run and ask yourself in secret if you have not fallen and you in the same absurd rituals and practices that have invaded humanity, forgetting to apply the divine essence in your own life.

Where do you look for your God and how much more do you trust in His Word?

Remember: the deepest wounds He has endured and still affect Him are generated by unbelief manifested in every behavior, word, or thought that takes us away from Him, turning us into people without substance; in simple imitators of desideratum that we do not understand and have not yet fully assimilated into ourselves.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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