Thought of the day

Thought of the day:

The most common ideal among contemporary believers is to see God as He is, and at the same time to spend eternity in fellowship with all the saints and elect of heaven.

In order to fulfill this desideratum, however, it is necessary for each of us to practice here ‘down’ a facet of the mentality that unfortunately we often lose sight of, namely ‘to have a pure heart, unadulterated and totally dedicated to the Creator’ .

‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.’ (Matthew 5: 8) is the desideratum by which the Lord Jesus Christ simply characterized the profile of true believers.

Trying to break away from the commonly accepted norm of mass Christianity and look carefully at its manifestations, we will easily notice that Satan has masterfully installed one of his most complex traps, right on the path to The kingdom of God, even in the Church of the Lord; a race in which many souls find their doom today.

To sum it up in simple words, we can call it the “trap of Christianity by imitation” – a system of values ​​based exclusively on empty words and without having the content and consistency springing from the heart of the man who practices his faith every day.

It is therefore a façade Christianity in which people have painted the deceptive image of a God as they wanted it and which they ironically change ‘whenever it is needed’, but without taking into account the presented realities. in the Bible.

If meditating on these ideas you find yourself to some extent in the position of the man who deceives his soul in a world of imitators, choose today the path that leads to the truth. Develop a friendly relationship with God, seeking Him sincerely and selflessly, and slowly but surely you will understand not only the questionable way in which you practiced your faith in the past, but you will begin to see with your own eyes the divine truth, feeling the happiness of freedom. a total forgiveness is ingrained in your body.

Dare to believe, and the rest will come naturally.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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