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Thought of the day:

Turn on the lights! It’s a thick darkness outside. This is the thought by which the Godhead motivates each of us to be the living landmarks of humanity that delves into the mire of sin.

Extending our analysis from the level of physical to the level of spiritual darkness, all these aspects suddenly become much more complex and full of meaning, revealing before our eyes the dramatic and sad scenario of human decadence.

Thus, indulging in the style and motor skills of the society in which we live, we have so fallen asleep our senses that we have reached the unfortunate situation in which everything that contradicts the ‘morals’ adopted in the contemporary world, arouses new reactions. Which are more or less negative and at the same time repulsive to the truth.

Even if the Bible shows us in great detail the fact that we are marching vigorously on the wrong path, we ‘believers’ of the final times of history are still stubborn to find alternative solutions to somehow cover the deficient aspects of understanding we have about his will. God, then raising to the rank of honor the ‘lame and naughty’ mentality of living the moment.

That we are in a deep regression of the intellectual capacity of a generation perhaps too “diversified” in terms of the practices and understandings it has about the world and life, we all know and recognize from now on. But, the fact that we have ‘fooled’ spiritually has unfortunately remained a ‘taboo’ subject that almost no one wants to admit, on the contrary, almost all of us have come to believe that we are The spiritual ‘enlightenments’ of postmodern times.

But if you are truly a seeker of wisdom, learn today that the ‘Light’ lies in the thinking and mentality of the Lord Jesus Christ, and only by absorbing the teachings that you can later put into practice in your own life will you come to light.

Wherever you are, leave the light on in your life! It’s a thick darkness outside. Choose to be landmarks for people who are lost in sin.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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