Fear Psalm 56 3

Thought of the day:

Carrying in himself the imprint and fragrance of his Creator, man, the fragile being who now rules the world, has always resonated with the order, discipline and meaning of the things around him.

In fact, the architecture of the human mind was created in such a way that we are by nature attracted by meaning, beauty, or order, rejecting the chaos and physical or spiritual disorder with which we sometimes come into contact; Or so it should have been.

Basing their decisions on intelligence altered by non-conformist pleasure, man and his chameleon-like society have given up moderation, prudence and moderation, in fact the very defining elements of a person who transforms his intelligence into wisdom through exercise.

Why do we say that? Because reducing wisdom to its essence we notice that this is an art with which we are unfortunately not born and which we cannot learn mechanically, but it is acquired only by daily practicing the Culture and Mindset of our Creator, making a voluntary effort to climb Step by step and step by step on the scale of knowing the ‘true science’ of God.

So, like a devoted disciple of the Godhead, you are learning today how to become a wise man, inspiring your actions in the fabulous and unjustly blamed ‘Bible’.

Before you do or say anything, whether you are in the presence of simple people or vice versa in high society, ask yourself how and what Christ would do for you, because only by following the example of the greatest Rabbi in history will you Taste also of the divine wisdom.

You will thus come to see what the vast majority do not see, to feel what the multitudes do not feel, and to have what only a few have today, namely: the wisdom that came from above, from beyond the stars, from beyond the galaxies.

It will bring in your life, beauty, meaning and discipline, guiding you step by step towards supreme happiness.

Do not forget! It is written, ‘The wise shall inherit glory, but the part of the foolish shall be ashamed.’ Proverbs 3:35

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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