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Thought of the day:

Living in perhaps the most dangerous stage of history, one full of pigmentation with facts and information that is more and more daring, it has become extremely difficult to find our cadence and the path to truth; Especially since we meet people everywhere who invite us to various alternative sources of solving everyday problems that need to be answered.

It is, therefore, a motley world, in which it is said that the ideas and mentalities of everyone can find their place, regardless of the dowry of customs that they carry on their backs; Without ‘good or bad’, but only a state of tacit and blasé acceptance.

Everyone has an opinion, everyone wants to give you advice, and in a sense it’s not bad; However, problems arise when these advices, directions, or impulses have their roots in the selfish and immoral mind of man and not in the thinking of God.

Someone once said that the road to hell is paved only with seemingly ‘good’ intentions and advice that are pleasing to the eye or mind!

But looking retrospectively and realistically at our own lives, through the prism of these thoughts, in our minds should suddenly arise some key questions, seemingly simple but which weigh heavily in the economy of eternal life:

What do I base my life decisions on and how do I guard my soul and mind?

Well, the answer to all this is given by the Bible today in one sentence: ‘Anchor yourself in God’!

So use your intelligence in the desire to know the meaning of life, because you have at hand the most powerful weapon you can use against everyday confusions, namely the Word of Truth. Read! Inform yourself, and then analyze everything you hear and do through the prism of the Bible; In fact, the only moral and ethical code of civilization – one that has so far failed in elevating the mentality and character of man!

It is in your power to be an unwritten definition of wisdom today! Get informed and choose to base all your decisions on God. You will then see with your own eyes the difference.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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