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Thought of the day:

Joy is one of the most precious treasures of the human mind and personality, a psychological state that each of us seeks to achieve at all costs, and if possible to access it at any time of our existence.

After all, even God Himself motivates us to be happy and with joy in our souls to live a clean life, without stress, anxiety or trouble. But let’s square it, and in the parameters of holiness (it’s a shame that this is where I went bankrupt).

“Rejoice in the Lord always! I say again: Rejoice! ‘ The Apostle Paul reminds us, insisting that it seems unnatural for a long time, just to somehow convince us that it is not wrong to rejoice, to be happy, but on the contrary. But let’s keep everything within the parameters set by the Creator.

But man is man … some skeptics would say, thinking of the innate tendency of each of us to always jump the boundaries that have been drawn for us; And they are partly right.

Hardened seekers of the state of happiness and fulfillment we desire throughout our lives, we began to build in our own mentality alternative paths to the illusory happiness of the moment, one emptied of content but to feed our minds at least here and now.

But by diligently searching in the Word of God, we discover that true ‘joy’ is generated without exception by the presence of the Holy Spirit of the Godhead in the human being. In fact, one of the immediately visible or more simply said ‘fruit’ effects that the latter brings with itself is the unparalleled ‘joy’, and of which only those who have come to feel the fulfillment and fellowship of the Divinity in their own Their lives.

So meditating carefully on all that the Bible lays before our eyes today, let us also do our best to find our ‘happiness’ in the Creator, in the Lord Jesus Christ, transcribing our joy and faithfulness in deeds of goodness.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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