Thought of the day:

Because we live in the generation defined by the revolution of science, we are daily witnesses of new discoveries and crazy ideas that intoxicate us and deceive us with the hope of a better life.

But by carefully analyzing all areas of life, we often run into the cold, harsh wall of a dark and hidden reality in the spiritual night that has spread over mankind; a paradoxical and undesirable one.

Thus, although the so-called ‘quality of life’ has increased, we have all suffered huge losses in terms of relationships. Both vertically, with divinity, and horizontally, with our fellows.

Although we have embellished our lives with technology worthy of science fiction 100 years ago, we are proud to have mastered the seas, land, and outer space, and the science we have invented has not set us free. rather, it subjugated and subordinated us to them, leading contemporary society to the brink of collapse.

Although our inventions promised a better life, hunger now decimates more than half of the world’s population; there is still death, there is still suffering, there is still war, and we hyper-scientifically evolved people do not even have time to realize this cruel reality.

But looking closely at God’s Word, we find that the true science that can solve any problem, trouble, or sorrow finds its foundation in ‘divine love,’ drawing its juice from the goodness and generosity of our Creator.

So there is hope! Wherever you are, you dare to believe in God, seeking Him with all your heart, for He offers you with His specific love the chance to be a true child of His, bringing into the world the fulfillment, joy, and character of Divine Goodness.

For this, however, you must first know Him and be filled with all His fullness as a Father!

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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