Thought of the day:

‘Guard your heart more than anything, for out of it are the springs of life’ Proverbs 4:23

The concept of ‘heart’ used in this text, as in most ancient writings, does not refer exclusively to the fascinating biological mechanism that transports blood to the body, but rather to what we call simple language: ‘the mind.’ To man. That individual universe in which dwell the dreams, ideas, aspirations and the whole character of each of us.

By reducing this complex machine called ‘mind’ to its essence, we understand that its principles of operation are based on a simple postulate, namely: like a mill, it will generate only what you give it to grind, thus expressing itself. in the behavior manifested daily only in terms of the raw material we offered as food.

By filling our minds with goodness, we will project into our own lives a colorful universe only in the details of goodness, or on the contrary, by choosing to fill it with wickedness, we will slowly but surely become harmful beings both to ourselves and to our fellow men.

As for you, try to make a brief analysis today starting from the following question:

‘What do I choose to feed my mind with today?’

If you want to be a source of inspiration, kindness, and righteousness in the contemporary society, (a world that seems to cling to darkness, wickedness, and spiritual degradation rather than light and truth), you must start from the beginning, building and a healthy mindset.

For this, however, it is necessary to nourish your mind with the wisdom of God, recorded punctually in the book full of His teachings, counsels, and plans, which He has so lovingly addressed to mankind. We call it the generic Bible.

Follow his principles diligently and you will truly become a great man of sorts in this world corrupted by all sorts of spiritually “petite” people.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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