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Thought of the day:

Today we set off with the motivation of perhaps the most beautiful advice addressed to humanity. A sign of hope, that once understood will open before our eyes the hopeful perspective of heaven descended among us, ordinary mortals of the times of apostasy.

‘Fear the Lord, you saints, for those who fear him lack nothing.’ Psalm 34: 9

Although at first sight it seems to be a dictatorial discourse and out of place for a contemporary mind already accustomed to the inclusive methods of diversity and excessive tolerance of one’s opinions, carefully analyzed in all its details, this phrase reveals not only its extraordinary beauty but also its Chosen the wonderful perspective he addresses to mankind.

The concept of ‘fear’ that we encounter above is translated from the Hebrew ‘yaw-ray’ which in the current context means in a more precise translation ‘respect’ or ‘reverence’.

Compared to fear, a feeling inspired by coercion and the ruthless perspective of punishment, ‘reverence’ is generated by the voluntary understanding and acceptance of the standards of kindness to the one to whom we have decided to direct our ‘respect’ or admiration.

Viewed through this new perspective, the phrase in question acquires extraordinary connotations, revealing to us the principle and the driving force that underlies authentic Christianity. This system is propelled by sincere ‘respect’ and ‘reverence’ for a God full of Goodness, who did not hesitate to sacrifice Himself for His elect.

Finding today this beautiful mystery emanating from the wisdom of the Godhead and transmitted over the centuries to strengthen both our soul and mind, dare to approach your Creator, trying to seek Him and understand Him as He is in the entirety of character. His: gentle and full of kindness.

Practice His holiness, proclaim His goodness and taste His happiness.

Dare to believe! It is in your power today to be a fulfilled man in all your ways.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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