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Thought of the day:

A word from the elders simply postulates that ‘man learns as long as he lives.’

Thus taking a close look at what science tells us about the process of learning and intellectual development that define the human being, we are surprised to learn that much of the information through which we develop our character is by no means innate or genetically inherited, but is taken over. Later from our fellows, practiced and then assimilated into their own thinking.

What at first therefore starts from the simple mechanical imitation of the behaviors and words of those we idolize, thus adopting their thinking and way of being, then becomes a natural part of ourselves.

After all, this is how the human mentality and personality develop; The environment in which he lives being defining both for the language and for the subsequent behavior.

Starting from this short idea, it is appropriate to ask ourselves today full of responsibility, about how important is ‘the power of our own example’ for the society in which we live, so that perceiving in us the divine mentality, the people around us want With all their heart to adopt it in their own lives.

Perhaps by seeing us displaying a chosen, honest, and noble conduct, they will be moved into the depths of their being and begin to understand that the true path to happiness is found only in the divine mentality; And not groping on the paths of outlawry, a corrupt and inconsistent society.

Wherever you are, choose the ways of wisdom today and without being ashamed when you have to show God to the world, sing his name publicly, praise his goodness and tell your fellows his wonderful works!

But do it with indulgence and diligence, behaving with nobility and tact, because displaying divine goodness and generosity, the rest will come naturally.

After all, it is written, ‘The Lord has put a new song in our mouths, a praise to our God. Many saw this, were afraid, and trusted in him. ‘ Psalm 40: 3

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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