Thought of the day:

Living in an intrusive society, which has conditioned our every second of existence according to its treacherous needs, thus transforming our freedom into a beautifully declared utopia, man, the perfectly created being of God, has unfortunately chosen the path of rebellion, absorbing in itself the mentality and the decadent way of contemporaneity.

So taking small steps but pushing in a direction that will ultimately prove fatal, I embraced the idea of ​​an unjust philosophy in which the Bible, God’s ancient letter to mankind, remained only an alternative source of information to the detriment of ‘the wise.’ ”Contemporaries of all kinds, who frantically maintain the fire of a virtual world in which Christianity is almost dead.

But if we delve into the mysteries of the Bible, we find that this fabulous collection of thoughts and metaphors, divine is not just a simple manuscript, but there is recorded the message of God, written letter by letter to complete a beautiful love letter To the Creator for His creation.

The Bible is therefore a living being, a mystery and a code capable of connecting our spirit with the Godhead; it is a miracle capable of making us wise, of making us better, of healing our souls, and of dressing our bodies in immortality.

Through his text God speaks to us directly, and under his magnifying glass, nothing can remain hidden, for everything is empty and revealed before the eyes of Him, with whom we are dealing.

‘Thy teachings are my heritage for ever, for they are the joy of my heart.’ Psalm 119: 111

Deepen your eyes and thoughts today in the teachings of this wonderful book, choosing to impregnate your mind with them like a sponge that absorbs water.

By doing so, slowly but surely you will see how you transform into what you were destined to be, namely into a celestial being, a divine miracle, a child of an Emperor!

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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