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Thought of the day:

“God strengthens man’s steps when he likes his way; if he falls, he will not be overthrown, for the Lord takes him by the hand. ‘ (Psalm 37: 23-24); it is the message that the Bible reminds us today that we are not alone even though black clouds seem to have fallen on our lives.

Going through the twisting paths of life, we have often found ourselves looking for allies and supporters among those like us; simple people or people with a vase, but who would give us a helping hand to quickly overcome the difficulties, needs or trials that had knocked on our door.

However, by carefully and diligently analyzing the message that the Bible conveys to mankind today, we find one of the forgotten secrets that seems to be under the guise of the older generations, but through which we can overcome our needs; namely, taking him as an ally of God himself.

But in order to have God on our side, we must first endeavor to adopt the pure mentality of the righteous faith, thus remaining on the path of truth; without straying either to the right or to the left from the will of our Creator.

Viewed from a practical perspective, this goal translates into a moral and ethical life, in which the Holy Spirit of God is in control of the decisions of each one of us.

Wherever you are today, do not hesitate to try this beautiful practice of victorious people, because sitting next to God, joy and happiness will never leave you, and the small trials of life will quickly find their solution.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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