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One of the most popular and common attitudes among contemporary Christians is the pompous and self-confident assumption of the title of ‘child of God’, but without a consistent understanding of the responsibility and practices that surround this extraordinary relationship. with the Trinity.

In our haste to assume undeserved and tickling titles, we prefer in an uncontrollable selfishness to ‘crucify’ Christ every day and if possible at every moment, in order to obtain our ‘well-deserved’ forgiveness. as if it were, is and will be His fundamental role in the relationship with the common mortal.

Why do I say that? Because by carefully analyzing the dynamics of postmodern Christianity we see a light-hearted mentality of ‘fluent’ Christians. I am referring here to the tendency to always and unjustly take advantage of the overwhelming goodness of the Creator, considering that Christ is in any case an inexhaustible source of forgiveness, from which we can each water our souls weary of the daily pleasures of sin, when necessary and according to their own desires.

Thinking in this way, we betray our own ‘greedy desire’ for the pleasures of the moment, which we later apologize for childishly, coveting the undeserved inheritance of the Kingdom.

Ironically, we then loudly motivate our actions by voluntarily selecting misunderstood Bible texts, which we then try to throw in front of those who are curious about our actions.

Looking, therefore, with an analytical eye at our nefarious contemporaneity, the following question arises, tactfully addressed to each of us: “How do I position myself in relation to the holiness of God? Have I chosen to practice the status of “profiteer” of Divine goodness, or, on the contrary, that of co-worker with Christ for the expansion of His Kingdom! ”?

Remember: a true child of God resembles his Heavenly Father both physically (in daily actions) and spiritually, practicing abundant thinking and mentality in holiness.

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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