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Thought of the day:

One of the greatest errors that postmodern Christianity has constantly initiated and then perpetuated throughout its history has been to promote the ‘grace’ manifested by the Holy Spirit of God as a kind of endless reservoir of goodness.

A precious resource that anyone can take advantage of when and how they want. A mechanism to which man can therefore resort to any conditions, anytime, anywhere and anyway, regardless of the relationship he has with his Creator.

Based on this misinterpretation, many ‘occasional’ Christians have shaped an inconsistent, often vulgar and decadent lifestyle that no longer differentiates them from the ‘outrageous’ trend of the society in which they live. I live my life with pathos.

A style that in their opinion can be quickly amortized if necessary only by a temporary connection to the reservoir of the incomparable goodness of a permissive God and ‘blinded’ by the Love he carries to his creation.

But without realizing it, we have forgotten that in the mind of the Creator, goodness always generates and encourages repentance or more precisely, leads to ‘change and renewal of the mind’, which should make us responsible enough not to stand on one foot. On the boat and one on the deck.

But blinded by the fleeting pleasures of consumer society, we have accepted into our lives all sorts of dubious but comfortable and permissive teachings of sin, choosing to attribute to God characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes that the Bible never mentioned. We stand before an Eternal, Righteous and Impartial Emperor; Of a King who will soon come to judge both sin and those who have been enslaved by passions, refusing the ‘mentality’ of salvation.

Referring personally to this thought, ask yourself today sincerely that question on which at some point your very eternal life might hang:

How do I position myself towards God’s goodness? As a ‘speculator’ of grace or as a wise practitioner of the mentality of our eternal Creator?

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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