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Thought of the day:

Being a generous and good man in a society plagued by the unbridled spirit of the ‘avaricious’ has unfortunately become a mentality equal to the reference to the pillar of infamy, because the noble act will instinctively and almost immediately raise capricious questions, meant to question you. Both motivation and purpose, but especially the so-called ‘hidden’ intentions of being a good person.

And yet, the Word of God teaches us how to be variety people in this world:

“Give, and it will be given to you; Moreover, a good, thick, shaky measure will be poured into your breast, which will be poured on top. The more you measure, the more you will be measured. ”

But under constant and unjust pressure from a world that made evil and rebellion against the Creator its ultimate goal, we began to give in one after another and slowly but surely almost all entered the dirty dance of corruption.

Thus impregnating our minds and souls with wickedness, we too soon forgot the precious counsels of the Savior who taught us that it is ‘happier to give than to receive’ and so we plunged eagerly into a new world, one of selfishness. And stinginess mixed with the scent of feigned holiness, in which even a smile is offered ‘in exchange’ or for a great price.

We have thus reached the ungrateful situation in which we offer kindness preferentially and with ‘moderation’, and when we give something from our barns we do it with a heavy heart.

But going back to the teachings of the Bible, we find that ‘generosity’ is one of the many expressions of God’s Goodness and Love, the one who gave all that was most valuable to those he loved unconditionally. Likewise, we learn that the practice of this beautiful attitude of generosity is in fact the source of wealth and self-fulfillment, for all who will give generously as Christ also gave will receive in return.

Do not forget! Jesus said that it is happier to give than to receive!

Be blessed!
Pastor Florin Antonie

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